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Our mission is to help nervous flyers overcome their fear of flying, one phone call at a time.

How it works

It's simple: no matter where you are in the world, no matter when your flight is, we want to connect with you. 



Find a time that works for you on our Calendly 



Our system automatically matches you with an available pilot



One of our pilots will give you a call


Meet Our Lead Pilot

Meet Kyle, our lead pilot and founder of Dial A Pilot. Kyle's journey as a pilot began over ten years ago, and he's flown a diverse range of aircraft, from private jets to Boeing 767s. He currently serves as a professional airline pilot on a Boeing 737 for a prominent commercial airline, showcasing his expertise and dedication to safe and efficient operations.

His passion for aviation goes beyond his role as a pilot. As the founder of Dial A Pilot, Kyle has extended his knowledge and love for flying to create a platform that helps nervous airline passengers overcome their anxiety with flying. In his free time, you can also find Kyle flying his personal airplane, hanging out at airshows or spending time with his favorite passengers - his wife Madison and their golden retriever Winnie. 

Our Story

Dial A Pilot took off from Kyle's genuine love for flying and his natural inclination to share his passion with others. What began as casual conversations among friends about airplanes, flight mechanics and turbulence quickly turned into Kyle being a resource for his family and friends who were nervous about flying. 


After several conversations with his sister-in-law about her fear of flying, he realized more people might benefit from being able to speak with pilots about the mechanics of the aircraft and what happens during a flight. That's when the idea of Dial A Pilot was born. Together with a group of pilots, Kyle started offering 15-minute phone calls with nervous flyers and Dial A Pilot was born. Our team of pilots is equally passionate about aviation as they are about helping people understand flying.

Dial A Pilot's mission is straightforward: to equip airline passengers with information about flying to ease their nerves. Whether you're seeking to demystify the mechanics of flight or aiming to ease your flying anxieties, Dial A Pilot is your avenue to informed discussions and newfound confidence. Step aboard as we unveil the world of aviation through direct connections, leaving behind fears and embracing the wonders of flying. 


We hope you'll connect with us soon to learn more about flying so we can help you overcome your fears.

Ready to Schedule a Call?

Schedule a 15-minute call with one of our pilots.

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