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Looking for additional support?

SOAR Inc. offers mental health support and counseling

Dial A Pilot has partnered with SOAR Inc. to help flyers who want additional counseling support to address their fear of flying. SOAR offers a two-step counseling process to overcome your fear of flying. First, we teach clients how flying works, why it is safe, and the psychology of aeroanxiety. Then one-to-one counseling establishes automatic control of feelings for when clients are flying.Captain Tom Bunn, an airline captain and licensed therapist, is President and founder of SOAR, Inc.


He has helped over 5,000 people overcome fear of flying. Captain Bunn was part of the first fear of flying program, which was started at Pan Am in 1975. He founded SOAR in 1982; and to offer the most effective help possible, he completed graduate school to become a therapist. He spent five additional years in training at psychological institutes, finally developing a therapy that has made it possible for everyone to fly. 

Every program includes both video (or audio) instruction, private counseling session, and unlimited group phone sessions with Captain Tom.


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